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Autism can be overwhelming for a lot of parents - it sure was for me! Luckily, I have been blessed with a wonderful team to help me through - my parents are naturopathic physicians and we live near UCSF Children's Hospital and their wonderful Autism resources. I have gotten so much great and helpful information, I felt I ought to share.

Our help and support is broken down into 3 sub sites, each with their primary focus:

Use instantly downloadable social stories to help you child
Encouraged by my severely autistic daughter's school teacher, I started making stories to help her deal with school to begin with. By now there are more than 35 titles available to help kids deal with medical tests, safety, social interaction, holidays and much more. All social stories are instantly downloadable so you can print them yourself or use them on your mobile devices the same day you order. Also available on Etsy.com

Of course, social stories work best when kids can read - so you will find some web site recommendations that can help your child learn to read and develop computer skills, that will unlock a world of learning. You can also learn more information about me and my family with this link to EasySocialStories.com

Make GFCF Diet easier for the whole family
We see a lot of benefit from limiting wheat and dairy for our kids diet, as well as artificial sugars and yeast. It is hard with picky eaters who love pizza, but we do our best each day and find the effort well worth it - particularly now that manufacturers are waking up to our growing populations of wheat free eaters. This site has a lot of product recommendations, recipes and links to help make this diet easier for kids and parents.
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Easy, natural remedies for children and family
With herbalist parents, it has been easy for us to find all natural solutions to a lot of the health issues that come along for an autism family. This information is not meant to diagnose or prescribe, merely to share what has worked for us, that might be worth talking to your doctor about. I include lots of links to the high quality supplements I like to use as well as information on where to get them when you don't have time for mail order. Most things are available at Whole Foods or even the local CVS or Rite Aid. I also include tricks and tools that I have learned to use over the years.
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Autism Awareness Items
from our Zazzle store

We see a lot of Autism Awareness products out there, but thought we could use some with holiday themes (they are great for halloween trick or treating or going to a parade or party), so we made some fun Autism Awareness items with Zazzle. You will find kind, all purpose Autism Awareness shirts - even hats you can customize with a name and/or a phone number on the back to help kids who wander find their way back home more easily. Please check out what we have and feel free to send suggestions.

Browse personalized autism awareness items and gifts in our Zazzle store.

More Helpful Links

Below you will find additional resources that either I use or has been suggested by others in my community. We wish you all the very best and want you to feel like you have someone to turn to for help with the hard parts. Please "bookmark" or "Favorite" our site so you can return easily.

For folks with severly autistic children or children with other severly disabling conditions, finding work can be hard. IHSS can help with financial benefits, by paying a salary for the caregiving work you are already providing. They don't pay for parents to parent, but they do pay for services special needs parents supply above and beyond regular parenting. It can be a real miracle for some families.

Community is so very important in our way of life. There are a lot of wonderful support groups and blogs out there. On Facebook, my favorites are Autism with a Side of Fries, Autism Mothers. Maddox's Autism Chronicles and Autism Dad.

Autism Speaks is a very popular Autism Organization - no list would be complete without it.

This is my favorite web site for kids to learn to read. My kids loved this site and learned to read with it in very short order. Very valuable for kids who learn better on line.

Autism Resources for Families

Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents

Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping

CDC Autism Links and Resources

Operation Autism for Military Families

Academic Accommodation Resources

Temple Grandin's Teaching Tips

Estate Planning for Parents of Kids with Autism


School resources







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